Character Design

Here’s a sneak peak at early character designs for two of our heroes, Rudy and Anna, in By the Time I Get to Dallas. This is from artist extraordinaire JuanFrancisco Moyano. See, I type a few words and JuanFran, 5 hours ahead in Spain, goes and makes actual awesome pictures based on those words! And because he lives five hours ahead in Spain, he actually sends pictures back to me from the future before I even requested them. As you might imagine, we used some actors to develop starting points for each character. I had no idea who Demi Lovato or Mia Maestro were but JF suggested them and sure enough Anna looked just the way I wrote her so it works for me! (Turns out Demi Lovato is in the news a bit these days and I hope she’s doing okay.) Can you guess a couple actors we were thinking for Rudy? Answer below.


Answer: Ryan Gosling and Bruce Campbell.