When the apocalypse finally came, the Travelers weren’t so bad.

They didn’t want to eat our brains.

They just wanted to get to Dallas.

Really badly.



By the Time I Get to Dallas is a graphic novel about a young man struggling to become a doctor in the midst of an apocalyptic public health crisis. When 80% of the human race starts migrating to a single point on the globe, failing medical student Rudy Deckart sets out across the disintegrating US to rescue his girlfriend, become a doctor, confront a murderous militia using the migration to start a new world order, and find a cure for the migration impulse that will save, or maybe destroy, humanity.


By the Time I Get to Dallas is a 200-page story divided into six books. Written by a practicing emergency physician from a point of view unique in comics, and drawn by seasoned comics artists, Dallas weaves themes from medicine, neuroscience, philosophy, politics and religion (not to mention martial arts and hot air ballooning) while staying fast paced with plenty of humor and a light touch.

Dallas is written for thinking readers ages 20-90 with an eye for intelligent, character-driven adventure grounded in the real (end-of-the) world. It is a medical coming-of-age story wrapped in an epic, apocalyptic adventure that is dark, funny, thrilling and unlike anything you’ve seen in a comic book before.



Thanks to the support of over 500 unique backers on Kickstarter, I’ve funded, printed and shipped the first three issues of By the Time I Get to Dallas to awesome fans all over the world. Book 4 is deep in production with plans for launch in early 2023.

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