The Scientists

This graphic novel is a real inspiration. Writer artist Geoff Weber began this story with his friend Trent Beckett in 2005, developing a classic 80’s style kid’s adventure story—Stranger Things way before there was a Stranger Things. Trent died in 2007 but Geoff kept the torch burning, continuing to write, draw and self publish the Scientists as a four-part comics series. He finally completed the project with a hard cover collection in the summer of 2020. I’m holding it my hands, it is a great package and a fun all-ages read. Most of my comic books are on a basement shelf but I keep this book at my desk next to Save the Cat and my other “how to” books. If I hit a rough patch in my comics projects I just need to look at the Scientists to remember that all that matters is to keep moving and finish the thing. 


Wild Nature: It’s a Goddamn Slaughterhouse!

I’ve promoted the work of comics creator David Taylor before, and man, he just keeps getting better. I’m holding his latest graphic novel, Wild Nature, and it is killer. In a near-future dystopian Miami the hottest sport/reality TV show is live to-the-death combat between teams of masked mercenaries. Haunted by his history of violence, Swan is a legendary combatant trying to escape the game and leave his past behind, but of course it won’t be that easy. Trust me and pick up this book now before it’s a movie!

Wild Nature