When the apocalypse finally came, the Travelers weren’t so bad.

They didn’t want to eat our brains.

They just wanted to get to Dallas.

Really badly.


When eighty percent of the human race starts migrating to a single point on the globe, a failing medical student sets out across the disintegrating US to rescue his girlfriend, become a doctor, confront a murderous militia bent on establishing a new world order, and find a cure for the migration impulse that will save, or maybe destroy, humanity.

When it hits you you hardly notice. You don’t turn green or froth at the mouth.

You just start thinking about picking up and moving to Dallas, Texas.


By the Time I Get to Dallas is a limited series, 200-page story in five books about a young man struggling to become a doctor in the midst of an apocalyptic public health crisis. What if most of the human population tried to migrate to a single point on the globe? What would happen to them, to the people they left behind, and to the human species? What makes us human? Is it possible to lose our humanity? Self-centered medical student Rudy Deckart has been letting ambition ruin his life when the people around him, including his girlfriend Karen, start traveling to Dallas without explanation. As Boston falls apart Rudy is forced out of school and heads out on the road to save Karen while trying to convince himself he isn’t a Traveler like the others. Rudy barely escapes a Traveler detention camp and meets two scientists, Goose and Rex, and a missionary, Anna, who may have a cure for the migration, but they’ll need to get to Dallas to make it work. When Karen is mortally wounded by hunters from a powerful militia bent on exterminating the Travelers, Rudy must learn to be a doctor in ways he never imagined. Rudy and his crew learn that militia commander Brady and rogue virologist Dr. Garson are using the migration to build a new world order, larger forces are at work, and the migration event may not have been an accident. Are the Travelers victims to be saved or a threat to be eliminated? There are no easy answers as each character wrestles with reason, science, faith and morality. By the time they get to Dallas they must learn what caused the migration, construct a device to stop it, defeat Brady and his militia, and decide if curing or wiping out the Travelers is the best way to save the human race.

By the Time I Get to Dallas is written and the art is in progress. We are preparing to self-publish via Kickstarter while also pursuing opportunities with publishers. One way or another we will get to Dallas!

Story: Colin Devonshire

Pencils: Juanfrancisco Moyano

Ink: Dario Marin

Color: Jay Moyano

Letters: Jaymes Reed / Shawn Aldridge