Our story begins…

By the Time I Get to Dallas: Book One PREVIEW
Remember when you first signed up for this email list and you got a preview of this indie comic By the Time I Get to Dallas, and it looked awesome but it started in the middle of the story (Book 2, Page 15 to be precise.) And you were like “Great, but where does it start? Did I miss it?!” Good news, you didn’t! Relying on my vast wisdom and experience in the comic book industry, I had thought it best to make our sample sequence for a point 45 pages into the story. That sample is great but it was a little confusing. But hey, great news, I’ve bowed to convention and together with my amazing artists we are producing By the Time I Get to Dallas FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE STORY. In fact, the pencils are almost complete for the first volume. And holy crap, these artists–Juanfrancisco Moyano (pencils), Dario Marin (inks), Jay Moyano (colors), and Jaymes Reed (letters)–are absolutely killing it. More pages are being produced as we speak, and IN ORDER. So DIG IT.

Colin is an emergency physician in Boston, Massachusetts. The seeds of his comics project were sown when he took a sabbatical from the ER for creative writing. His creative non-fiction has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.